Public Transport

Vienna offers an efficient and modern system of public transport (called VOR), including underground (U), metropolitan train (S), trams and buses. There are also special night buses (N) which may be used with the standard tickets.

You can purchase public transportation tickets at most tobacconists (Tabak-Trafik), VOR ticket offices, ticket distributor machines at underground stations and in some hotels; on the tram (machine in the 1st coach) and on the bus (from the driver).Tickets must be stamped at the "blue box" located inside the tram or bus; for underground and metropolitan train it is located at the barrier before accessing the platform.


  • Underground: U3 (orange), alight at Herrengasse
  • Trams: 1, 2, D and J, alight at Burgring
  • Bus: 2A and 3A, alight at Hofburg

Additional Information concerning public Transport can be found: Official Wiener Linien Webpage Operating all Lines in Vienna metropolitan area with timetable.