Final Program

We are delighted to present the final program of the UNITECR 2015 organized by the German Refractories Association, which will be held in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna from September 15 to 18, 2015.

We are proud to announce that numerous internationally well-known and high-ranked speakers have agreed to give a presentation.

Please have a look at the interesting agenda and prepare your personal schedule in advance.

Accommodation – Attention!!! 

We have been informed, that some of you are being contacted by housing and travel agencies as pretending to call for UNITECR and trying to provide their services. These agencies are no official representatives of MCI.

We do not have any business relationships or agreements with these agencies and they are not entitled to contact anyone for UNITECR. Also we want to put clear that no addresses or contact details from our database have been given to third parties, as you are subject to very strict data protection laws! We strongly recommend to book hotel rooms through MCI or a service provider that you know and trust.



Final Program

Please download the final program here.